May 2, 2024

How to do SEO in 2024 to increase Revenue


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How to do SEO in 2024 to increase Revenue

The State of SEO in 2024. 

If you thought 2023 was hard times for SEO rankings, then strap on your “I refuse to cry” pants and let’s talk about 2024. This year SEO is going to be harder than ever. Setting aside how competitive the landscape is, we now have to carefully monitor how AI will impact our efforts. There’s so much to think about when doing SEO in 2024 and we’re going to tell you how you can execute a marketing strategy that works. 

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Content Marketing is Back! 

Content marketing is back and it’s a stronger force than ever. 

With the introduction of AI into our Marketing Ecosystem, truly successful marketing strategies are built almost entirely around content marketing. It’s no surprise since the average North American spends almost 5 HOURS A DAY pursuing and consuming digital content. But that’s for their personal life, what about on business topics? It’s the same thing. 

Here are the facts, the average person is estimated to spend under a minute reading reading a blog post of any size and will have a 50% likelihood of clicking through to another blog of a similar topic if presented to the user correctly. That means that users are consuming content with one goal in mind…

Consume the exact information I need. 

Once a user realizes they have what they need from the content, the then skip ahead to another topic of a similar nature. That means that a well-connected, to the point content marketing strategy has the ability to increase visibility on special offers and CTA’s that will move your customers through their buying journey. 

The Most Informed Users in Human History

Not only do we need to push content to users who need it, we need to make our content as meaningful and consumable as possible without losing the ‘human touch’. In the land of scams and spams, users are often looking at your content marketing materials as a means of identifying if you know what you’re talking about. 

Oftentimes a user already knows everything about ,or at least a significant portion of, the subject material they have clicked through to find. These users are often not going to be thrilled with relearning the core concepts as part of their busy schedule. That’s why your content needs to be interesting, focused on the user, and built strategically around new and interesting material on even the boring of subjects. 

That’s why your content marketing strategy needs to be completely aligned with your both of your business’s Buyer User Personas, and woven into your Click Rate Optimization. If you’re delivering content, it needs to be to the right person, at the right time, with the right offer… all while providing insightful material that will make them move forward. 

What is a Buyer Persona?
What is Click Rate Optimization?

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Build an Entire Strategy

Doing one-off marketing doesn’t work without a full strategy in place. Gone are the days of haphazardly posting your latest business though on Social Media. Maintaining your digital footprint takes: marketing automation, digital and graphic design experts, SEO and SEM focus, web development that creates a digital front lobby for your business and brand, all while keeping your prospects and customers happy. 

This is why you need a strategy that looks at marketing as a holistic effort built and deployed with reusable components. By creating the right content in the right way, you can leverage one piece of material across many platforms. However, without a strategy this can quickly become chaos. You can overshare content and lose trust, under leverage marketing resources and become overwhelmed. 

The devil is in the details on this one and if you’re not focusing on building your business’s marketing strategy, then 2024 could be very unkind to your bottom line. 

Keep an Eye on AI

AI is the hot topic of 2024. 

Whether it’s on AI-generated content or AI tools and resources that give you an edge, everyone is talking about AI. Well, so are we! But we’re looking at AI from two specific lenses. 

Lens 1: We’re looking at how AI can be leveraged to ideate faster and create better content on shorter timelines. We do not like the idea that AI is being used to generate content, but we do understand the value of a quick skeleton to help us ideate… and you should too. 

Lens 2: The impact of AI on SEO / SEM and what we need to do about it. AI is the truly disruptive element of our generation and it isn’t going away probably ever. That means we need to review how AI impacts not only the Search Engine’s optimization strategies, but also the Searcher’s behaviors. 

We have our team of Data Scientists and Analysts looking at these things constantly and trying to understand what the real impact of AI is on marketing. Understanding how SGE, market-priced AI annotations, and new emerging search technologies are the only ways to stay ahead this year. 

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