May 2, 2024

Why DOMO - Speed is the Answer.


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Why DOMO - Speed is the Answer.

** This blog contains no AI-content! We like AI, and we believe AI likes us. This article however includes not a shred of AI-driven content because this is an opinion piece and I am not a machine (yet). Until the machines take over and force me to rewrite this article with their opinion in mind, this is all human-written content. You’re welcome… I think?. **


Welcome to the first of a four-article series focused on ‘Why DOMO’. 

My name is Dustin Heathers and I love DOMO! So much so, that I have devoted much of my business to helping customers create DOMO experiences that are punchy, snappy, lightning-fast, snappy, quick, and dang it… I used ‘snappy’ twice while trying to stay relevant to the title of this article. Anyhow, I love DOMO to such an extent that I agreed to our Head of Marketing’s suggestion (thank you Matt Winnett) that I write a series of blog posts while at Domopalooza for everyone’s entertainment. So, while thousands of feet in the air and traveling at hundreds of kilometers per hour, here is where I start.

To those who reached out on my previous article {here} - thank you and you’re welcome for continuing to use human-created content for opinion pieces. It is a trend that we shall continue. 

Today’s title is: Speed is the Answer.

This article series is in response to all of the private Linkedin messages I received after my last article telling me to ‘keep writing human content!’ So I’m working on a new series of blogs to celebrate this year’s Domopalooza! 

And since this year’s Domopalooza is being held in Salt Lake City, home of the famous Bonneville Salt Flats and the ludicrously fast cars that race on them, I have decided, possibly to the chagrin of my editor, that this article should be focused on one of DOMO’s best qualities: SPEED! Actually, I think he supports that part—it’ll be my tasteful use of Fast and the Furious quotes I’ll have to defend.

If you’re ready to live your Data Experiences a quarter of a mile at a time, join me for this article where I use Fast and the Furious quotes to hit on the speedy points of DOMO’s data experience platform. Strap into your racing harness, it’s time to talk DOMO.


Modern Analytics Requires Speed.

“You owe me a ten-second car.”

Most organizations I encounter start their journey towards data-driven decision making with a solution that looks optimal, but which inevitably ends in a heart-wrenching wreck not unlike Dom’s 1970 Charger. I’ve seen companies take a free Power BI license or a tacked-on Tableau experience and try their level best to turn these into their ideal data experience from the ground up. These organizations had their plans ready, they dutifully budgeted and built for a year, and eventually they ran their project headfirst into a momentum-annihilating paywall.

Whether you remember the untimely death of Dom’s charger, or all this Furious Fastness is going over your head, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to survive the grisly wreck of your BI strategy. I, your very own personal Brian O’Conner, can hand you the keys to a data experience vehicle that feels faster than fast—what the Furious bunch would call a ten-second car. In fact, you can click right here to start with your own DOMO instance free of charge with 300 credits a month slapped in: link.

So how does DOMO feel like a ten-second car? And what do I actually mean by that?

Well, for those of us who are already living life life a quarter-mile at a time, we use DOMO for three key speed features: 

  • The lightning-fast Magic ETL 2.0
  • Unbelievably fast embedded analytics powering customer portal experiences
  • and the novel features that turn data into experiences and conversations that speed up time-to-outcome. 

We use DOMO because it is a place where data-heads and laypeople alike can create powerful and meaningful experiences with data on a timescale shorter than any competing platform.

For most platforms, their primary claim to fame is their ability to potentially hasten the time-to-consumption, i.e. they focus on creating consumers. For DOMO, the platform promotes members of the organization from simple consumers of data to full-fledged data constituents. It leverages input and user engagement to close the loop on Business Intelligence, allowing users to collaboratively drive greater impact on a faster timescale. It can be stood up in a week, operationalized in a month and fully scaled in around 8-weeks. DOMO is a tool that we know will be breaking new ground for years to come. 


Modern Day Analytics Is a Team Sport.

“Everyone’s looking for the thrill, but what’s real is family”

One of the major items that separates the Fast franchise from other racing-oriented films is the central theme of the importance of family. From the start of the series with Fast and the Furious all the way past Furious 7, where the above quote is pulled from, Dom and the crew sagely remind us of the things that really matter: those close to you who you can always trust to have your back. Now, I can’t promise that bringing your data team into DOMO will help them stop “granny-shifting and not double-clutching like you’re supposed to”, but I can tell you that it will make an enormous difference for you and your team.

DOMO excels at bringing your team together and equipping them the tools they need to reach a level of effectiveness reminiscent of our beloved Fast & Furious family. With tools like Buzz, which you can use to send annotated pictures of chart issues to colleagues or teams directly, and dashboards that tell the same story to everyone while protecting people from the data they shouldn’t see, DOMO makes experiencing data as a team better. 

Contrasting with other tools like Power BI or Tableau that have traditionally focused on providing consumers of data with their own bespoke look into the world of data, DOMO focused on bringing a shared perspective that better translates into:

  • Shared KPIs
  • Dashboard-driven meetings
  • Gamification and visibility throughout your organization
  • The ability to create apps quickly that maximize the benefits of human-participation in automation workflows (human-in-the-system)
  • And lastly, it creates a space where your data scientists can look at the same charts as your team and understand whether data is a good fit for a model… something that can be described with the same language (charts) that is already being used by your team. 

Now, if you read the above and thought:
“How does that make us a family?”

I’ll answer it with another question:

“Have you ever had someone tell you that the report THEY ran says…”

Trust me when I say that I understand the adversarial nature of family at times. But when something like that gets said at work, it can spark several weeks worth of combative discussion where everyone’s idea is their car and they are definitely racing for pink slips. Suffice it to say, with other tools I have seen more debate than discussion.

DOMO is different and I’ll offer my favorite quote before I explain why:
Debate is about who is right while discussion is about what is right. 

When I look at DOMO-based teams which have matured into the platform, I often see teams that are actively in pursuit of what is right, specifically in the context of what is the right way to see, operationalize, distribute, and discuss data. And when you’re in a room full of people like this… you often get this feeling (final FF quote coming up). It’s that moment when your collaboration hits a flow state and you feel like “nothing is more important than the people in this room”. 

In Closing

If you’re not at Domopalooza this week I hope you’ll pay attention to the articles that we’ll be throwing together this week surrounding the new features, tools, and subject areas that DOMO is focusing on. We’ll be publishing “Why DOMO” articles that frame all of these new items in a digestible way that all have one thing in common… they don’t have Fast and the Furious quotes riddled through them like this one. 

If you are at Domopalooza, I’m Dustin Heathers and I look somewhat like the picture somewhere on this page. If you see me around be sure to connect with me however you feel is appropriate. 

If you’re interested in getting a free DOMO instance, you can do that here.

If you want to talk implementation, training, or getting started with any of our services, just grab some time on my calendar and we’ll get connected. 

If you’re reading this from the future, we invite you to connect with us via whatever Neuralink-esque method your time uses.

Dustin Heathers


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